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What is LinkStack?

LinkStack is a modification of LinkStack, an open source project with the purpose of enabling people to host their own alternatives to services like Linktree and

Why does LinkStack exist?

This project is envisioned to be a drag and drop alternative to other solutions. No coding or command line setup required; just plug and play.

What can LinkStack do for me?

Many social media platforms only allow you to add one link, with this you can simply link to your LinkStack page and have all the links you want displayed on one site. You can share all your links to your social media platform or important links to easy accessible and hosted on your own web-server or web-hosting provider. On this website, other users can register and create their own links, you can access other user via the Admin Panel.

What do I need to use LinkStack?

To host your own instance of LinkStack, you will need a web server running at least PHP 8.0.

Don’t have a web server?

No problem! We also have a Docker version available. Do you want to use your own Domain or want a private instance? Sponsor LinkStack on GitHub and get free access to your own private instance.

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